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Disney's MAGIC sparked our journey to start A Mouse and A Beach Travel Co.

These amazing travel destinations can't be beat! There are SO many options and details to review on any Disney vacation, and we highly recommend a travel agent to help.

For example, Walt Disney World has over 25 on-site hotels. From booking and securing dining reservations to FastPass+ needs, and even planning which park to visit on what day, we are here to help and advise.

In addition to WDW and Disneyland, Disney has a cruise line, a resort in Hawaii, and worldwide travel options. We can help with the perfect choice for your special vacation.

As always, booking Disney vacations with us is FREE and costs the same as if you book directly with Disney. Allow us to hear your vision for your trip and plan it into reality so that you have the best time in the HAPPIEST place on earth!  


For information on specific Disney destinations click HERE.


Ready to book or have  questions about Disney? Contact us HERE.

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