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  • How are your services free?
    The vendors we partner with provide a commission to us for booking new clients and taking care of their vacation details, payments, and questions. The benefits of this are that guests receive quality and personalized service from our team, vendors are no longer charged with having to take care of every single guest with limited means and staff, and our clients get to have incredible vacations planned for free. It is truly a win for all! Additionally, our agents receive payment once their client has returned home from travel. This also means that if travel is canceled, our agents do not get compensated for their hard work. We ask that you would consider using our team for future travel plans and help us grow our business in that way.
  • So there are no hidden fees?
    Nope! You are getting the same price whether or not you book directly from the consumer site or through us. We do not charge anything additional for our services, and if you book through the consumer site, you are paying for personalized planning services that you aren't receiving. *The only exception to this is Select Services Travel. We do charge a planning fee for these in depth vacation itineraries, but it would be charged up front and all the particulars would be addressed prior to designing your dream vacation. This does not apply to our usual vendors but for clients interested in designing their own trip with various destinations and excursions.
  • How do we start the planning process?
    Simply fill out our Vacation Quote Request Form and let us know your vacation interests and any questions that you have. Either choose one of our agents, or we will happily select a qualified agent to contact you based on your trip destination. Quotes are always free, and easy to give. We even encourage getting a quote even in the dreaming stage so that you can plan ahead and budget accordingly. We are happy to help in any way.
  • What are the benefits of using a travel agent?​
    -Knowledge - Our agents have experienced the destinations we offer in person and have completed the required certifications by the vendors in order to stay 'in the know.' We advise our clients on what vacation type would meet the needs of their travel party, and then help plan out their trip in detail. Additionally, we work together to help other agents when needed as it is simply impossible to know everything. When you book with one of us, you get the expertise of all of us in the AMAAB community. We've done the research already and are willing to help each other as needs arise. As a result of working together on our end, our clients save both their time and energy. -Relationship - Each agent gets to know their clients well so that genuine relationships form, and travel besties are made. Our AMAAB families create magical memories while on vacation, and then decide to book their next vacation through us because of the previous services received. Our team creates amazing itineraries that are personalized and enjoyable for their clients because they know their interests, needs, and history. -Stress-Free Planning - Traveling isn't always smooth sailing (even if you try your best to plan ahead). Using a travel agent means that someone already knows you and your plans. A simple text or call to your agent will ignite the resolution to your travel woes. We are here to serve you and take care of it. We hear from our clients often that this is one of the biggest reasons to use a travel agent! -Time-Saver - If 2020 taught us anything, it's that it's really nice to have a travel agent be the one on hold for hours on end in order to cancel or modify your vacation plans. It's equally as nice to have the research done for you, and for someone else to go through the process of booking and handling the numerous details. We'll do the "work" part, so you can relax and experience the "fun" part! -Giving Back - Our agents are passionate about the services we provide because we have the opportunity to make an impact in our local communities. AMAAB gives a portion of the commission received from every trip traveled to various organizations. To learn more about Giving Back, click here.
  • What if I am a planner and like to do it myself?
    We serve all sorts of clients with various personalities and planning abilities. You decide which aspects you want to take on, and let us know which areas you would like us to cover. Allow us the opportunity to do the initial booking, and then we can be the safety net for you if something happens on your trip, or we can always be on guard looking to apply new travel deals as they become available. Additionally, each vendor has different items to plan prior to arrival, so we will discuss those tasks and give you the opportunity to do whichever part(s) bring you joy.
  • Do we pay A Mouse and A Beach Travel Co. directly?
    Nope! While we securely gather your credit card information, your payments (whether deposit, monthly, or final) will be paid directly to the supplier. AMAAB does not collect any money from you. *The only exception would be if clients are utilizing our Select Services, then there would be a planning fee that is addressed prior to designing your dream vacation.
  • Do you book groups?
    We do! Please contact us directly by filling out our Quote Request if you have a group that would like to travel together and we will provide you with more information. Add additional details and plans in the comments section. We can book: -Destination Weddings -Vow Renewal Ceremonies -School Groups -Family Reunions -Getaway Weekends -Adults Only Trips -VIP Tours
  • Do you offer more than the specific vendors on your website?
    While Disney Destinations, Universal Studios, Cruising, and Sandals & Beaches Resorts are our most popular vendor destinations, we are able to offer a variety of options that aren't included explicitly on our website. 'The world is your oyster'... and we can help you experience it all! Fill out our Vacation Quote Request Form and include what type of trip you are interested in. Extra details in the comment section are helpful. We will respond with questions to get the planning started!
  • What perks do you provide? What about Onboard Credit (OBC) for cruising?
    The largest perk is receiving exceptional planning service for free. Our AMAAB families continue to refer us to others and use our services for all of their own vacations because they have experienced firsthand the benefit of having someone who knows their travel needs, desires, and history. Additional perks would be: -Agents are made aware of upcoming discounts for various vendors and can attempt to apply savings to already booked reservations. -Occasional discounted cruising rates and extra amenities onboard certain cruise lines during select times of the year. Ask you AMAAB agent about your specific cruising date and interest for more details. -Booking your various dining reservations and Enchanting Extras ahead of your travel at either 12am, 3am, 6am, 7am, etc. Disney Destinations in particular can be overwhelming, so our knowledge of when, and the physical time spent booking, are definitely perks to our clients. -Detailed travel itineraries. -Meetings to discuss questions about your upcoming vacations. -Reminder emails about what's next in the planning process so you don't have to track and keep up with everything. -Availability before and during travel so that clients have someone who can help quickly if needed. - A new travel bestie!
  • Travel Safely - Helpful Links
    If you have questions regarding recommendations by the CDC, click on their website to learn more. -CDC If you are traveling outside of the United States, we recommend registering with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. This free service allows U.S. Citizens and nationals traveling and living abroad to enroll their trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. There are many benefits of this service including: 1. The ability to help family and friends get in touch with you in an emergency. 2. U.S. Embassy has your contact info in an emergency like a natural disaster, start of a pandemic, civil un-rest, loss of a passport, etc. 3. Provides safety information about your destination country and helps you make informed decisions. -STEP
  • Passport and REAL ID Information
    -We recommend securing your passport right away if planning any trips overseas. Routine wait times can take anywhere from six to nine weeks. This will change based on the demand. -If applying for a new passport, check the new requirements here. -Check the renewal date and ensure that your passport does not expire within six months of your travel return date to avoid potential travel problems. -A REAL ID is not required if you have an unexpired passport to present when flying domestically. This requirement starts on May 7th, 2025. Read more about the REAL ID requirements. -While some cruising opportunities do not require a passport, we still recommend applying for one in case of an emergency in any of the international ports. - Check out the U.S. Passport Service Guide to view destinations that do not require a PASSPORT. Ready to APPLY or RENEW? Click here
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