Frequently Asked Questions

How are your services free?

All of the destinations that we offer give us a commission in order to care for your travel party and plan and book your vacation details. Our vendors want their guests to receive quality service by trusted agencies that they partner with and are willing to pay us well to ensure that happens.

So there are no hidden fees?

Nope! You are getting the same price whether or not you book directly from their site or through us. We do not charge anything additional for our services.

How does your service work?

Simply fill out our Vacation Quote Request Form and let us know your questions and vacation ideas. Either choose one of our agents, or we will happily select a qualified agent to contact you. Quotes are always free, and easy to give. We even encourage getting a quote way in advance so that you can plan ahead and budget accordingly. We are happy to help in any way.

What are the benefits of using a travel agent?​

- Knowledge - Our agents have experience and training in our various destinations. We can advise clients on what vacation type would meet the needs of their travel party, and then help plan out their trip in detail. We've done the research already, and this saves our clients both time and energy. - Relationship - We encourage our agents to get to know their clients well so that relationships can form. Our hope is that we can come alongside these families for many years and help them create memories that last a lifetime. If we know your travel preferences, we can build amazing itineraries. Our personlized service is provided throughout your vacation. - Stress-Free Planning - Traveling isn't always smooth sailing (even if you try your best to plan ahead). Using a travel agent means that someone already knows you and your plans. A simple text or call to your agent will ignite the resolution to your travel woes. We are here to serve you and take care of it. - Time-Saver - If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that it's really nice to have a travel agent be the one on hold for hours in order to cancel or modify your vacation plans. It's equally as nice to have the research done for you, and for someone else to go through the process of booking and handling the numerous details. We'll do the "work" part, so you can relax and experience the "fun" part! - Experience - Our agents are passionate about what we sell because we have traveled to many of these destinations and know the ins and outs of how to make the most of your time. We are here to answer questions, or offer advice, based on our own magical vacations.

What if I am a planner?

We serve all sorts of clients with various personalities. Plan as little or as much as you want. Allow us to do the initial booking, and then we can discuss what services you want us to take care of moving forward. Each vendor has different items to plan prior to arrival, so we will walk you through those tasks and give you the opportunity to do whichever part brings you joy.

Do we pay A Mouse and A Beach Travel Co.?

Nope! While we do gather your credit card information, your payments (whether deposit, monthly, or final) will be paid directly to the supplier. We do not collect any money from you.

Do you book groups?

We do! Please contact us directly if you have a group that would like to travel together and we will provide you with more information.

Do I have to pick from the vacations I see on your website?

While these are our most popular destinations, we are able to offer a variety of options that aren't included on here. Fill out our Vacation Quote Request Form and include what type of trip you are interested in.

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-We recommend securing your passport right away if planning any trips overseas (including a cruise).
-Please click here to learn how to apply for or renew your passport.